• 3 Awesome Free Logo Maker Software to Use In 2018

3 Awesome Free Logo Maker Software to Use In 2018

Creating a logo for your business can be expensive, especially if you hire an expert logo designer to do it for you. Luckily, the intent is filled with free logo makers to design a beautiful logo yourself. A lot of free logo making platforms have predesigned logos to implement directly in your business. Others allow you to make a logo from scratch by choosing your shapes and incorporating text that pops. The awesome part about free logo makers is that virtually everyone without logo making skills can create their logo in a matter of minutes. If you’re thinking of making a logo for your online business, here is a list of the best ones out there:

Free Logo maker Software # 1: OnlineLogoMaker

Lots of people love OnlineLogoMaker since the whole editing interface has a lot in common with a photo editing software. That means it allows you to layer objects above or below each other. It comes with a ton of clip art images that you can use without paying a dime. The software allows you to upload your images as well, which you can utilize to create your logo. The cool part about OnlineLogoMaker is that you don’t need an account to create your logo. However, an account is necessary if you want to create a logo, leave it online and come back to finish it up later.

Free Logo maker Software # 2: LogoBreeze

When looking for simple free logo download software, LogoBreeze is a good choice. That’s because it comes with a blank canvas for drawing your logo. However, it lets you import certain objects, such as electronics, symbols, dialog balloons, and arrows. It also enables you to upload your images, and it includes a text, shape and line drawing tools. 

Free Logo maker Software # 3: Logo Garden

Logo Garden makes our list of free logo makers. However, you are only allowed one edit after saving it. In spite of this limitation, you can still take advantage of it to create a good logo for your business. It comes with different elements to make your logo stand out, such as a vast array of font styles, a color chooser, various symbols, and around text tool. You can choose effects, such shine, reflect and shadow after picking your text and symbol.


These days, you don’t need to part with a lot of money to be able to own a logo. Although free software may not be the best tool to use to create a professional logo, it would do if you are just a new business owner.

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